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  • Screen Switch Cover for C7


    Hide your C7 screen switch!

    • Completely conceals the screen switch!
    • Can still open/close screen normally
    • No permanent modification made to car
    • Easy installation
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    C7/C8 Corvette Seat Belt Stay (Pair)


    Secure your seat belt!

    • No more slipping through guide opening!
    • Easy to install and remove
    • Smooth, rounded surface
    • Sold as pair for both seats
    • Appearance options include Carbon Flash Metallic, Carbon Fiber, and Bright Chrome.
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    Panoramic Door Mirrors for Corvette


    Reduce your blind spots!

    • Looks completely stock!
    • Greatly reduces side blind spots
    • Covers existing mirror – no disassembly required.
    • High quality glass with embedded silver reflector
    • Attaches securely
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  • C7-shelf-5

    C7 Corvette Bin Buddy


    A simple solution to a simple problem!

    • *Must Have* item for your C7 Corvette!
    • Organizes your C7’s dash storage bin
    • Effectively doubles the storage floor space
    • Cushioned top using adhesive felt
    • Fenced top helps prevent items getting trapped by screen closure
    • Made in U.S.A.
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  • C7 Corvette Door Dog


    Like a paddle shifter for your door!

    • Makes opening the C7 door a breeze!
    • Complete set for both doors
    • No more finger prints on the door and glass!
    • Soft rubber button actuator
    • Very simple installation – no permanent car mods!
    • Gloss Black, Carbon Fiber, and Carbon Flash handle facings included with every order!
    • Learn about the Delta Handle here.
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    C7 Corvette Seat Skins


    Tailor made for your C7!

    • Protect your C7 seats from wear and scratches!
    • Complete set for both seats
    • NEW! High quality leatherette is now 30% thicker
    • NEW! Improved attachments for more secure installation
    • Available in several colors and styles
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    C7 Accessory Package (Level 1)


    Best deal for *Must Have* items!

    • C7 Corvette Seat Belt Stay (Pair)
    • C7 Corvette “Bin Buddy” Dash Storage Shelf
    • C7 Corvette Pana-View Door Mirrors (Both Sides)
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  • Steering Wheel Top Center Marker


    For hard core racers or just for fun!

    • Easy installation
    • Several colors available
    • No permanent modifications made
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  • Respirator Face Masks


    5 layer protection!

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    C7 Corvette Console Tray


    Better than the stock cup holder!

    • Features rigid dual angle cup recess
    • Includes deep cell phone pocket
    • Provides easy access for phone cable routing
    • Includes tray for coins, keys, or other small items
    • Requires no permanent modification to your car
    • Made from same material as stock cup holder
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  • C7 Corvette Vitesse TC Mount

    • Mount the Vitesse Motorsports Throttle Controller in your C7 Corvette
    • Clean and convenient mounting solution
    • Puts the controller at your finger tips
    • Black 20ga steel
    • Requires no modification to your car
    • Installation is easy and reversible.
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  • Roof Locator Seals for C5-C8 Corvette Coupe (Set of 2)


    Replace your lost or damaged seals!

    • Cannot buy this separately from GM!
    • Perfect fit part replacement
    • Helps to reduce roof rattle
    • Easy installation
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    C7 Accessory Package (Level 2)


    Best deal for *Must Have* items!

    • C7 Corvette Panoramic Door Mirror Set (Both Sides)
    • C7 Corvette Seat Belt Stay (pair)
    • C7 Corvette Door Dog 2.0 Set
    • C7 Corvette Screen Switch Cover
    • C7 Corvette Bin Buddy
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  • Custom Product


    We have had many customers contact us with special requests. For example, they may request custom facings for Door Dogs. When we get such requests, we reply via email with a quote for a Custom Work Order. Our quote will be a value which is a multiple of $25, i.e. 25, 50, 75, etc.. Please …

    Custom ProductRead More

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  • Replacement Parts


    Keep your items from Sandyeggo Designs in tip-top shape with these factory spare parts.

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  • Bin Buddy for GM SUV


    Introducing a simple solution to a simple problem!

    • Organize your secret bin with a custom designed Bin Buddy
    • Double the floor space of your storage bin
    • Separate items and help prevent accidental damage
    • Made in U.S.A. from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
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  • C7 Recessed Switch Mount


    Stop accidentally opening your C7 trunk!

    • Moves trunk button inward
    • Prevents pushing button with your knee
    • Switch still works normally
    • Easy installation
    • No permanent modification made to car
    • Works with all C7 switch configurations
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