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C7 Corvette Bin Guard

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5 reviews for C7 Corvette Bin Guard

  1. Bill (verified owner)

    Great product.. great support.. easy to install. Peace of mind that something won’t jam screen movement. Installed with shelf unit and works great. Thanks Dave.
    Bill's C7 Bin Guard installation

    • Dave

      You are very welcome! Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Joe Messman (verified owner)

    The C7 Corvette bin guard works as advertised. Now I can place important items in there with confidence that storage door will always open and not fail me.

  3. scott.taylor (verified owner)

    I store my sunglasses in their soft pouch and have gotten it and another item hung in the door a couple of times. This has totally eliminated that problem. I had a minor hiccup with the install that Dave quickly helped me through. Great service great product. Thanks again.

  4. MSGT-R

    Genius! Heard about this problem on-line and made this on my list of first-purchases for my “new” ride. Next is the switch “hider”.

  5. Ray B.

    Just installed your Bin Guard in my C7 and have to say you don’t mess around when it comes to functionality and quality. I’m confident the guard is going to save me serious grief down the road, I use the space behind my screen every time I use the car. The bin guard is a great solution to preventing a screen jam at a very reasonable price. PS love my Door Dogs too. Thanks!

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