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Heard the horror stories of a jammed C7 Infotainment screen?

The stories are out there on the forums. C7 owners getting jammed Infotainment screens. It’s got to be a sickening feeling when you push the button to lower your screen only to see it lower just a little and then grind to a stop because something inside is blocking it. Arrrggg! Unfortunately, the C7 Infotainment …

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Hide Your Screen Button!

Shhhh…this is a secret: The C7 Corvette has a hidden storage compartment behind the infotainment screen. What? You already know about that?!! Well, not everybody does. Or at least they wouldn’t if there wasn’t a switch labeled “SCREEN” right next to it! Our Screen Switch Cover attaches firmly to the face of the screen switch. …

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Ever open the C7 trunk with your knee?

The placement of the interior trunk release button leaves a lot to be desired. Why did GM put it in a location where (some) folks can accidentally push it with their knee? “Hello fellow C7 daily drivers, I’m a fairly tall person and I’ve hit that switch on numerous occasions when entering or exiting or …

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Our C7 Seat Skins get Rave Reviews!

Been thinking of adding some color and protection to your C7 interior? Installing the Sandyeggo Design’s C7 Seat Skins is a great choice and a smart investment too! Many C7 owners like you have already made the smart move to install our high quality seat covers. Here’s what they’ve said about it: “These look fantastic! …

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Want more spacing between Door Dog handle and the edge of the car door?

To get the best appearance, Door Dog handles have been designed to be as close to the car door edge as possible. That is a normal aspect of the design. However some owners have commented they prefer a bit more space between the handle and the door edge. We now offer a spacer that moves …

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A new handle for the C7 Door Dog 2.0!

The C7 Corvette Door Dogs are a great way to add convenience and novelty to your C7. And now, to give your Door Dogs a different look, we offer a new handle. ………………………………………………………… Introducing the Sandyeggo Designs Delta Handle for Door Dog 2.0 ………………………………………………………… The Delta Handle for Door Dog 2.0 is designed with new …

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C7 Seat Skins are in!

The 2021 C7 Seat Skins are here! Our newest C7 Seat Skins are even better than before. They’re made of high quality leatherette that is 30% thicker. Also, we’ve designed new attachment methods to ensure an even tighter fit over your seat. Inventory is limited so place your order soon! Cheers! Dave

New marker colors!

Thanks to a suggestion from one of our customers we have added two new colors to our Steering Wheel Marker series. We now offer Matte Red and Matte Orange markers. These have a satin finish to reduce glare and blend well with the steering wheel. Thanks Neal for the great suggestion! Order yours now:

A manual transmission in the C8 Corvette? Sort of…

A proposal to add a shift lever and a clutch pedal to the C8 Corvette all the while keeping the dual clutch auto transmission is being discussed. Check the article here:

We Ship All Over The World!

Corvettes are everywhere…even Mars! (Pennsylvania). And where you find Corvettes you’ll find Corvette accessories. Lots of them! Our products have been ordered from Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, England, Germany, Slovakia, Brazil, Arab Emirates, China, and many more! Here’s a collection of post cards from some of those buyers: Who: Niklas Where: Shanghai, China …

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Use your infotainment storage bin!

Those who drive a Chevy C7 Corvette, Tahoe, Suburban, Traverse, or GMC Yukon have a special feature that most other vehicles don’t have: a unique ‘secret’ storage bin located right behind the infotainment screen.     This is a great feature that is exclusive to these particular models. It offers people a nice storage place …

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Park Yer Pistol!

America is known for being pro-firearm, and millions of people around the country have them with them at all times. In fact, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center, there are over 14.5 million concealed handgun permits. What’s more is that one third of Americans own a firearm, and most of those people say they …

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