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Use your infotainment storage bin!


Those who drive a Chevy C7 Corvette, Tahoe, Suburban, Traverse, or GMC Yukon have a special feature that most other vehicles don’t have: a unique ‘secret’ storage bin located right behind the infotainment screen.


This is a great feature that is exclusive to these particular models. It offers people a nice storage place for things like sunglasses and/or driving glasses, phone, documents, or other personal items they want to keep handy. It’s even a convenient place for your pepper spray or small handgun if so desired.

Unfortunately, the bin floor space is limited and the space lacks organization. When you put items into this special hidden bin they pile on top of each other. This makes it difficult to locate what you want when you need it. It can create problems with the door not wanting to close and it can damage some of what you are storing in there. Think scratched sunglasses and you get the idea of all that can happen in there.

That’s where the Bin Buddy from Sandyeggo Designs comes into play!

The Bin Buddy is the accessory you need to eliminate such disorganization headaches. Bin Buddy gives you the ability to organize your bin to keep things from getting mixed together. It doubles the bin floor space, giving you one area for your sunglasses and another for your phone, charging cord, or even your pistol if you are one of the millions who carry.

The Bin Buddy accessory has been custom CAD designed to fit the Chevy C7 Corvette, Tahoe, Suburban, Traverse, and GMC Yukon. The Bin Buddy is made in the USA from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It has been designed to fit the specs of the storage bin perfectly so within seconds it gives you the added space and organization you need to enjoy your vehicle even more. No more searching around to find what you need, no more scratched sunglasses, and no more items piling up to the point where they are stopping the compartment door from working correctly. The Bin Buddy eliminates these headaches and more!

If there is one accessory you must have for the Chevy Suburban, Tahoe, C7 Corvette, Traverse, or GMC Yukon, it’s the Bin Buddy. You will never regret the small investment in order to get a better, more organized space for your ‘secret’ storage bin. Don’t let that unique storage area go unused or remain disorganized. The Bin Buddy can help turn it into a convenient place to keep things handy, safe, and organized in your vehicle!

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