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Corvettes are everywhere…even Mars! (Pennsylvania). And where you find Corvettes you’ll find Corvette accessories. Lots of them!

Our products have been ordered from Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, England, Germany, Slovakia, Brazil, Arab Emirates, China, and many more!

Here’s a collection of post cards from some of those buyers:

Who: Niklas

Where: Shanghai, China

Car: C7 Corvette Z06

” Hi Dave, This is to let you know that the package arrived safely! Both safety belt stay and Bin buddy fit perfectly! For the screen switch cover , I haven’t installed it because I may put some carbon flash pieces around the screen and it may cause some extra difficulty but will surely put in on later. Attached some pics but may send you more once take some formal photos. Corvette is not officially sold in China, and may never be due to the new 6th version of Limits and Measurement Methods for Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles. I get mine with parallel import channel, as another hundreds of American V8 owners. Through all these years, C7 corvettes were already the best sale generation, with about 100 owners in China. My Z06 is almost the last C7 vehicle entered China. Most vehicles here are 4 cylinder small engine and government is encouraging battery cars…which is really not nice.”

Trying to keep it clean!
Seat Belt Stay installed
Bin Buddy installed

Who: Eric

Where: Alberta, Canada

Car: 2019 Oliver Gravin Special Edition Grand Sport

“Hi Dave,

I live in Alberta, Canada. Being close to the mountains, there are some great drives to take. Unfortunately with that being said, winter comes far to soon here, which in turn means the driving season is far to short.

Four, full-time drivers from Corvette Racing helped design the 2019 Corvette “Special Edition” Driver’s Series Grand Sport, with a total of 95 cars built.

In the pictures, is my ‘19 Oliver Gravin Special Edition Grand Sport. Thirty-five were produced in the Gavin series. She’s #13. Shadow Gray exterior with Torch Red center stripe, fender hash marks, and brake calipers. The interior is Adrenaline Red with red seatbelts. Carbon Flash mirrors match the side rockers, as well as air and cooling inserts.

One of the best products I’ve found, was the Corvette Door Dog, which I bought through you folks a couple of years ago. Good thing I took them off my ‘17 Grand Sport, as I don’t see them on your site anymore.

Eric Smith”

Who: Lok

Where: Vancouver, BC. Canada

Car: 2016 C7 Z06 w/Z07 package

“Corvette has been my dream car ever since the C4 came out. And I’ve purchased my C7 Z06 in 2016. My C7 is not perfect, but with Sandyeggo Designs Bin Buddy, Door Dog and Seat Belt Stay added, it is pretty close to perfect now. Looking forward to purchase the new Console Utility Tray soon.”


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