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Ever open the C7 trunk with your knee?

The placement of the interior trunk release button leaves a lot to be desired. Why did GM put it in a location where (some) folks can accidentally push it with their knee?

“Hello fellow C7 daily drivers,

I’m a fairly tall person and I’ve hit that switch on numerous occasions when entering or exiting or just moving around in my seat. And when I do, I have get out and push the trunk lid closed. Then get back in and hope I don’t do it again!

Well, no more! I have designed a replacement for the part that mounts the trunk switch in the dash. My new part recesses the switch enough to prevent accidental contact. I never have to worry about pushing the button with my knee again!”

“Not everybody has a problem with the switch. I think it depends on the size of the driver and/or on the seat adjustments which may align the driver’s knee with the switch. Other factors may apply too, like how one gets in and out of the car. But regardless, its an issue for some drivers.

The installation is simple and reversible. The switch mount is easily pried out using a plastic trim tool. You swap the switch to our switch mount and pop it back in. Nothing to it!

If you have ever triggered the trunk opening with your knee then I invite you install my new part. The problem will be solved!”


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