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  1. any of various mechanical devices, as for gripping or holding something.
  2. a projection on a moving part for moving steadily or for tripping another part with which it engages.


C7 Corvette Door Dogs

(18 customer reviews)


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Weight7 oz
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Standard Handle, Delta Handle, Painted Delta Handle

18 reviews for C7 Corvette Door Dogs

  1. Verified Buyer

    This is a really well made product. You can now open the door with just one finger and it opens the latch every time on the first try. This would be a great mod for someone with arthritis as well.

  2. 12Care

    Some older C7 owners (I for one) don’t care for the pita push button door opener. And it seems any time I take a passenger I have to help them get the door open. I’ve been using the Door Dog for quite a while now and I can tell you, it works. I get complements from valet drivers all the time!

  3. Verified Buyer

    To me, the DoorDogs just make the car *feel* better — opening the door with them just seems to be a smoother more sophisticated mechanical-feeling operation. From two actions (find and squeeze the rather nebulous button, then pull) to just a single light pull.

    Absolutely, positively not “needed” but I certainly do *like* the way it operates now, better than stock.

  4. AJ

    Hello, I just installed mine and it’s an awesome product. It fits nicely and it makes opening and closing the door a breeze! Like to were you can adjust the set screw. The only draw back is the color of the bracket, black…..wish you had the option to have it pre painted to match the color of the car. Thank you!

  5. T. Meeks

    Wasn’t sure I really needed these, but my family has trouble opening the doors. Well, ordered and installed dogs and it proved to be a great investment. Clean look and now the doors are super easy to open. Took me 30 minutes to install…tItaly worth the price.

  6. James T. Bradley (verified owner)

    Five stars for fit, form and function, but held back one star because it comes in only one color, black.

  7. William A. Martin (verified owner)

    I haven’t found a Corvette owner yet that didn’t think this was an awesome idea. Works great, easy to install, and most of all no finger print smudges from getting in/out of the car.

  8. Miami (verified owner)

    Easy to install and a quality build. Solves the finger prints on the door from closing it. Worth the purchase.

  9. Kim (verified owner)

    Your Door Dog is a GREAT product! I’ll have to admit I wasn’t sure about them, after all it really isn’t that hard to open the doors but after installing I’m 100% sold. I had a buddy that was here when I did the install and was giving me a hard time about them until he opened the door after the door dog was installed, he left saying he was going to order a pair when he got home, LOL!

  10. Rob & Debbie Huspek (verified owner)

    Just wanted to say what a wonderful product. We had just purchased a 2016 Stingray Z51 a week before this past Labor Day. My wife was not real happy with the car due to the fact of trying to open the door with her longggg finger nails. Went on line for a solution and stumbled across your Door Dogs. These are fantastic, fixed the problem and I like them myself! Car is Arctic White and the black handles are a perfect contrast and looks factory installed. They work perfect, easy to install and are high quality! The service writer at the local Chevy dealer like them. Thank you for a great solution to what Chevy should have done.

    Sincerely Rob & Debbie Huspek
    Riverside, Ca.

  11. Z06 Love (verified owner)

    Easy to install and works perfect! I recommend getting the pre-assembled pair for a super easy install. Great job with the design!

    • David Keezer (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback and the positive comments!

  12. Ed Dean (verified owner)

    The Door Dog 2.0 is a neat product. Keeps the fingerprints off of the door because you don’t have to fumble around trying to feel for the switch.

  13. Michael Fernandez (verified owner)

    I ordered the kit and the instructions was simple to follow and took a few minutes to assemble. I was always fearful of myself or friends not being consciously aware about scratching the door area (ring/fingernail). No more telling/showing friends how to get into the corvette. Should have done this sooner, well done!

    Sincerely Trixi
    2018 CMG M7

  14. John Walkoviak (verified owner)

    Ordered the Door Dogs 2.0. Great product and even better customer service. Dave and his team are truly awesome. Actually had handles for the same side, and Dave emailed another handle with zero issues. In this day and age, we should all understand that people do make errors, but it is how the interaction between the customer and supplier transpire to resolve an issue that makes all the difference, and I can tell everyone, that this was remarkable in how Dave and his team resolved a minor inconvenience that has me so impressed.

    Highly recommend buying their products

    • Dave (verified owner)

      Hi John,
      Right, shipping mistakes sometimes happen. You are a terrific customer to be so understanding. Thanks for the kind words!

  15. jack lazar (verified owner)

    The door dog is Amazing in design and quality of construction. The spacers make the installation look factory installed. The door dog keeps everyone’s fingerprints off my car. It is strong and fits exactly into the space . Great product no C7 should be without. the panoramic mirrors solve the rear quarter blind spot issue. The secret door shelf is another piece GM missed! great products. great Vendor! Fair prices!

  16. Framk F. (verified owner)

    I have purchased the Delta Door Dogs and what a fantastic product. Fit, finish and mechanics are excellent. Makes opening the door so much easier. GM should hire Dave to finish out the C7’s. I have also purchased other items from Dave and all products are excellent. The best C7 mod’s I have found. You will not be disappointed, so buy a set.

  17. Roger Wagner (verified owner)

    Saw this product while looking for some simple mods that I could do on my 2014 Stingray. Read the reviews and felt this would solve an issue that drives me crazy. The fingerprints that get left behind from opening and closing my doors. I’m very picky about what I put on my baby. Mostly concerned about matching the Carbon Flash that’s on my vehicle. I switched out all the logos and emblems to this color, the dark look. I sent a message to Dave to ask if he felt, like I did, that the Painted Delta Handle would match the stock Carbon Flash factory color. He agreed so I ordered that set. Arrived in two days. Fifteen minute install later… and I couldn’t be more happy. So cool. Does just the job I wanted, keep my fingerprints off the car. Not to mention how much easier it is to get in and out of the car now. I highly recommend this item.

  18. Larry Foote (verified owner)

    The Door Dogs are a must have addition to your C7. Easy install, they look factory. They work great and I wish I had learned about them sooner. The quality is top shelf and the design well thought out. I didn’t need to make adjustments other than adding the spacer provided, which made for a perfect fit.

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