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C7 Corvette Console Tray

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Weight10 oz
Tray configuration:

Tray only, Tray with USB cable

5 reviews for C7 Corvette Console Tray

  1. Rick Baldwin (verified owner)

    Finally, a high quality useful cupholder for the C7. I have drinks in my C7 daily driver every day. I should have purchased this back when it became available.

    • David Keezer

      Thank you Rick for your comments. Our C7 Corvette Console Utility Tray offers convenience and function that goes beyond the OEM cup holder. I hope others will take note and consider this useful accessory for their daily driven C7 Corvette’s as well.

  2. Calvin (verified owner)

    This is an absolute no-brainer for any C7 owner that actually drives their vehicle. I’ve had my C7 for just under 2 years and have always shrugged off the less than useful OEM cupholders. I’ve tried alternative options to make the OEM cupholders more useful, and they helped…a bit. But none of the other options are as useful, or elegant, as this. True, this only provides one cupholder versus two…but the increased stability of the one cupholder and utility of the other trays more than makes up for losing one cup holder. If you a misses that you enjoy going on coffee runs with…this may not be the solution for you. Otherwise, this is an easy to install item that every C7 owner should be able to appreciate.

  3. scott.taylor (verified owner)

    This works much better than the factory cup holder. This is nice and deep and I’ve had no problem with anything I’ve placed in it. I had tried a couple of add on devices to try and hold cups and none proved effective. I also love the added storage tray for anything than needs a temporary home while driving or on trips.

  4. Jonathan

    The quality is good and is definitely an improvement over OEM cup holder. But be aware that the opening is much smaller than the original. It will only hold cups/water bottles that have a base diameter of 2.5 inches or less. That was a disappointing discovery when I received this item.

    • Dave

      The product dimensions are clearly stated in the product description:

      Any beverage with a diameter less than 2.7″ will fit.

  5. JeffK (verified owner)

    Nice tray. Installation is challenging only because of the underside Torx screws. The new one going in is easier than removing the original.
    Once installed, you will be happy.

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