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Corvette Emergency Door Release Label Set

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14 reviews for Corvette Emergency Door Release Label Set

  1. Richard (verified owner)

    I really had not thought about how difficult it might be to find the emergency release lever in an emergency.  The labels are a high quality material that fit perfectly and look nice.  Best of all they are not a detriment to the interior appearance of my Corvette, they look as if they should have been there all along.  Thanks for this very nice product!!

  2. David (verified owner)

    Best part of the ‘Door Release’ labels for me is I have custom floor mats that have a lip overlapping the door release lever so it hides it. I mounted my Release label on the plastic door sill above the lever so, even if not visible, you know where it is.

    • Dave

      Great idea!

  3. Bryan (verified owner)

    These door release stickers are a great idea! Safety should parallel the power of these cars… a frantic few moments (of explaining where a door release lever is to a passenger) can be saved because these stickers are easy to see..

  4. inspectorudy (verified owner)

    When I recently bought my C7 I didn’t notice the two levers below each door until several days later. I looked at the strange sybil on each lever but did not immediately understand what it meant. On top of that, it is written in a dark red which under poor light disappears. I found out what they were for from the Corvette forum but also heard from many owners who did not know what they were for. It is hard to look up two levers on the floor when you do not know what section of the manual to look in! I think these labels will aid a person who is a passenger or new owner to know what they are for instantly and they are not obtrusive to look at. A great product that will help in an emergency.

  5. Ray Gee (verified owner)

    Received my emergency door release stickers this week and installed them right again. Another great idea and product from Sandyeggodesigns

  6. Jim (verified owner)

    These are first class . Looks like it came from the factory. Professional looking all the same way.. I hope you already knew how to get out of the car before you got these. I didn’t. Thanks 🙏

    C7 Cincinnati Ohio

  7. Ron (verified owner)

    Excellent product AND excellent idea. I was impressed by the quality of the label as well as the idea behind it.
    As usual, Sandyeggo has sold me an appreciated, useful addition to my ‘19 ZR1. Thank you!

  8. Dennis (verified owner)

    Simple yet excellent idea

  9. Fred (verified owner)

    This is a great idea. The factory lever is nearly invisible.

  10. Gary Koprin (verified owner)

    Don’t do this often but just received six products from his toys I like to call them but they are really essentials especially his door release I believe a lifesaver. If you ever have to use it for the cost and the quality of the product you can’t beat it I started out buying his bin buddy back in 2000 I got the updated version for free which also got with the bin buddy tried to send pictures, but will not allow me to.
    Live in Michigan and have to wait till spring to install all ,looking forward to it thanks great company and superfast delivery from California

  11. Mark Maund (verified owner)

    An Excellent product and great idea. I was ivery happy to see the quality of the label as well as the idea behind it. They are thick, stand out at a glance and are well understood as to their purpose. The Factory stamp/ label is virtually useless so I used the Sandeggodesigns labels to completely cover up the useless factory hieroglyphics, Another wonderful design and product from Sandy Eggo Deesigns. Much appreciated.

  12. Kurt B. (verified owner)

    Great looking label to have on an emergency item! Love it! GM dropped the ball on that one, but your label solves that problem.

  13. Steven Cass (verified owner)

    Sturdy, highly visible, and easy to apply. I have promoted this product as a safety measure within our Corvette Club and offered to “install”. We have older members in our club and some that are new-to-Corvette that could benefit from these bright labels and they don’t even know it. Thanks Dave!

  14. Brett

    When I saw this it hit me that I or my passenger may not know how to open the doors in an emergency when it’s lost power.
    BTW the panoramic mirrors are fantastic. It’s made me much more confident when changing lanes particularly at night. I’ve recommend it to every C7 owner I speak to. This past summer someone came up to me and thanked me for recommending them to him. They are really a game changer. -Brett

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