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Recessed Trunk Switch Mount for C7 Corvette

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I need a trim tool too!, No trim tool needed

11 reviews for Recessed Trunk Switch Mount for C7 Corvette

  1. Brandon Cawker (verified owner)

    Best $20 spent on the car! 50% of the time I hit this button getting out of the car and it was beyond annoying. 30 second install and haven’t hit it again since!

    • Dave

      Thanks Brandon! Glad you like it.

  2. Bill Stucker (verified owner)

    Great item ! Easy to install. My knee has not opened the trunk lid since I installed this. Great Company to work with.

    • Dave

      Thanks for the kind words, Bill!

  3. John (verified owner)

    This is a great enhancement to my car,( just like everything else I’ve gotten here). It comes with detailed instructions and pictures, it fits flawlessly and does exactly what it is designed to do. It’s so nice not bumping my knee against the switch anymore. Good companies like this are hard to find..

    • Dave

      Thanks for the kind words, John!

  4. Joe Shern (verified owner)

    I am an old guy and always bumped my leg on the button then would have to crawl out of my car to go shut the back deck lid, what a pain! Now, with the new little button that is set in to the dash more, I haven’t hit it once by mistake.. the purchase was well worth it! It took all of about 5 minutes to install.

  5. Steve (verified owner)

    Nice upgrade and easy to instal !

  6. David Rodney (verified owner)

    This is a great change for your C7 – single trunk button or trunk release with security switch – it just works. I never really bumped the button, but it was always on my mind to keep my knee away as I had heard of many others having the issue.

    This is the way it should have been from the factory!

    • Dave

      Yep, its one of those little things that can be an irritation. Either you’re hitting it or having to pay special attention to NOT hitting it. I agree: it should have come from the factory this way. yesnod

  7. Albatrossbill (verified owner)

    GREAT Product! Easy install (less than a minute – start to finish). No more embarrassing “accidental” hatch releases when getting into or out of the ‘vette. A great company with great customer assistance – you actually get to talk to a person who knows the products instead of a voice mail robot. Great email/text responses – seems like they are waiting to be able to serve you. Customer service is off the charts +++++!!!!! Highly recommend their products as I have many of them (Recessed Switch Mount/Bin Buddy/Bin Guard/Screen Switch Cover).

  8. todd.mcmullen1 (verified owner)

    The recessed switch plate is exactly what I had been looking for to stop having to get out each time my knee hit the switch! Thank you Sandyeggo Designs for making what GM should have done the first place! It was extremely easy to swap out, and one of the best purchases I have made for the cockpit of my Corvette! Kudos!

  9. Carlos Manuel Fernandez (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant! Two minute install. Works as promised. No more accidental hatch releases .

    • Dave

      Thanks for the feedback, Carlos! Glad you like it. 🙂

  10. Jeff (verified owner)

    Glad I ordered this. The day before I installed, yep, my knee opened the hatch. Easy installation.
    I have a couple of Sandyeggo products – driver side panoramic mirror, bin buddy – good stuff!

  11. scott.taylor (verified owner)

    What a super easy fix for this problem. I didn’t happen very often but nothing is more frustrating that getting myself into the car only to have the hatch pop and have to get out and fix it. Another top flight item from Sandyeggo designs.

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