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Screen Switch Cover for C7

(3 customer reviews)


Hide your C7 screen switch!

  • Completely conceals the screen switch!
  • Can still open/close screen normally
  • No permanent modification made to car
  • Easy installation

3 reviews for Screen Switch Cover for C7

  1. Calvin

    Why GM decided to design a hidden compartment with a not-so-subtle access button to said hidden compartment is beyond me. This is a discreet, non-permanent method of hiding the button giving access to the hidden compartment.

  2. Keith Winn (verified owner)

    Buy a few!
    You’ll like one for you and they are cheap enough to give to other C7 owners you meet and swap stories/tips with.

  3. no mame

    $20 bucks + shipping for a .50 piece of plastic , C’mon man

    • Dave (verified owner)

      It would be (just) a 50 cent piece of plastic if it were something sold in high volume at Walmart, like a door stop. But it’s not. It’s a custom item, sold in very low volume, over a long period of time. That means the item price is set to pay for tooling, manufacturing, shipping, packaging, and sundry other expenses. Oh, and a little profit.

      But, hey, if you think you’re getting ripped off then don’t buy it. Or buy it elsewhere. Oh, wait, we’re the only one’s selling this…IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. C’mon man!

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