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Tips for Traveling In Your Corvette

If you will be taking your Corvette on a trip, you are not only one lucky person who is going to likely have a great time, but you are also probably looking for some tips to help maximize your space. Leaving the Corvette at home isn’t the solution, because you want the ability to drive it on the trip and there’s no reason you can’t.

Maximizing the space in your Corvette may seem like it’s tricky, but there are some things you can do to pull it off. By taking some steps to maximize the space you will find the trip to be more comfortable for everyone. Here are some tips for traveling in your Corvette:

  • Become a minimalist. The new trend today is in being a minimalist, which is to pare down your items and only take what you really See it as a challenge and give it a try. Chances are, you won’t even miss the things you leave behind. Consider how many times you have vacationed and didn’t use items that you had packed. This time, leave those types of things at home to maximize space.
  • Learn to pack. Most people grab their backpack or suitcase and just toss their folded clothing in. But if you watch the expert packers they demonstrate that by rolling particular clothing items (military style), it saves a lot of room in the bag. Watch a video on it so you can learn the skill and then put it into action. It will save a lot of room and you will still have everything you need with you.
  • Don’t double up. If two of you are traveling together, do you really need two tubes of toothpaste? There are likely doubles you are packing for the trip, when you really just need one of each, you can both share the items. Determine what you need and pack the item once.
  • Accessorize where you can. Corvettes may not be known for their space, but with the right accessories you can get the most out of it. A great Corvette accessory to consider having is the C7 Corvette Dash Storage Shelf. It will double the floor space in your dash storage bin, giving you more room to set your iPad, phone, and other items you will have with you when traveling.
  • Don’t buy too much. It’s easy to go on vacation and buy a lot of stuff. Sometimes we get home and wonder why we bought certain things. Give serious consideration to purchases while on vacation so you don’t buy a lot of stuff that won’t fit in the car and you won’t need once you get home.

Traveling with your Corvette is a great way to see the countryside or zip through a city. It’s fun, sporty, keeps us happy, and will turn heads. Knowing how to maximize your space for the trips will help you enjoy your traveling all that much more!

2 thoughts on “Tips for Traveling In Your Corvette

  1. What are the dimensions of the Dash Storage Shelf for the small for the compartment behind the radio (in a Corvette)? Will a small 9mm pistol sit on top of the shelf?


    Curtis Fish

    1. The top surface of the C7 Storage Shelf is approximately: 6.25 x 4.75
      I am unsure if a 9mm pistol will fit on top.

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