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Panoramic Door Mirrors for Corvette

(18 customer reviews)


Reduce your blind spots!

  • Looks completely stock!
  • Greatly reduces side blind spots
  • Covers existing mirror – no disassembly required.
  • High quality glass with embedded silver reflector
  • Attaches securely

When you glance over at your outside rear view mirror you want to see as much area around you as possible. Unfortunately, the side mirror may not show everything you need to see. Like that motorcycle next to you. When you can’t see that motorcycle in any of your mirrors that’s known as having a “blind spot”. And in the Corvette, the blind spots can be pretty severe.


Setting the outside mirror to the correct position is an important first step. The mirror’s field of view should include the area next to you. But regardless of where the mirror is positioned, a flat mirror’s field of view will always be limited. What’s needed is a mirror that has a larger field of view.


Many Corvette owners have addressed this by adding a small convex mirror to the door mirror glass. While these blind spot mirrors provide a wide field of view, there is a small viewing area and a poor overall appearance. And since these typically have plastic reflective surfaces, they are easily scratched.


Introducing the Sandyeggo Designs
Panoramic Door Mirror
for C6/C7 Corvette


Our Panoramic Door Mirror addresses these issues by giving you a larger field of view while retaining the original door mirror size and shape.

Our Panoramic Door Mirror features high quality silver reflective surface embedded between layers of clear glass. When mounted, the Panoramic Door Mirror looks completely stock.


The driver’s side Panoramic Door Mirror is designed with two reflective stages. Starting closest to the door and continuing outboard, there is a small but increasing amount of convex curvature. This is to provide additional view angle without causing excessive distortion. This is the primary viewing area and provides overall blind spot reduction.

At a certain point outboard the amount of curvature is increased exponentially. This was done to capture as much of the surrounding view as possible. The trade-off is greater image distortion in this portion of the mirror.

The passenger’s side Panoramic Door Mirror is designed with a single reflective stage that is similar to the OEM mirror but with a greater curvature. This provides additional viewing coverage without causing excessive distortion.


  • Embedded silver reflective surface inside high quality glass
  • Mounts to existing mirror glass using 3M(TM) VHB(TM) tape
  • Edges are polished and the shape fits perfectly
  • Looks completely stock

Reduce your blind spots with our Panoramic Door Mirror!

Click here for Installation Instructions

Corvette Model

C6, C7


Driver Side, Passenger Side, Both Sides

18 reviews for Panoramic Door Mirrors for Corvette

  1. CZ06

    This thing works. Thank you

  2. Boomer

    Found you guys on the Corvette Forum. All Corvettes should get this blind spot mirror from the factory.
    Good job

  3. Orlando P.

    Thank you for offering this. I have it an it’s really cool

  4. Dick Carr

    Received and installed my C7 blind-spot mirror this week. The mirror is FANTASTIC! Easy install, can’t even tell its not original to the vehicle.

    Thank you for a great product that improves safety.

  5. Foosh

    This mirror is a game changer. Even when properly adjusting the OEM mirror so that you don’t see your fender until leaning far to the left, there was still a blindspot. This totally eliminates head turning to check before changing lanes.

    It is a bargain for the price.

  6. Mark Kestner

    Works better than advertised.

  7. Daleh50

    Easy install – this is by far the best mod you can do – amazing to have so much more vision. Thanks again for getting this out to the Corvette Community. Have shared with our club members – more sales to come.

  8. evoroadster

    Perfect fit. Quality glass. Makes driving in traffic so much more relaxing. It took zero time to acclimate to the new view. Highly recommend it.

  9. Chris

    What a terrific difference this makes to your field of vision. I can see two lanes across and now have zero blindspots. What a great product!

  10. VetteHippie

    Perfect in every way

  11. S. McGowen

    This thing is great

  12. Don (verified owner)

    Absolutely what was needed for better vision.

  13. Vetten76

    This is a great solution for those folks sneaking up on you on the left. Very clear view. Two to three full lanes over. Well made. Fits perfectly. This C7 owner recommends it highly.

  14. Happy (verified owner)

    I wedged some poker chips around the perimeter to help center the mirror and also suction cups on the mirror to help me rotate/adjust it.

  15. Keith FL (verified owner)

    LOVE them! I took pics of my rearview mirror – with wife as an assistant in the blindspot.. .- standard, i couldn’t see her – with my new pano mirror – I could! how about that!
    I did follow someone’s post that used straws to help align, i couldn’t find any straws so I used hors doeuvres sticks… not sure if they really helped – but they made me feel better…
    GREAT product!

  16. Jim Mattavi (verified owner)

    Hi Dave,
    Wanted to let you know that adding extra tape you sent me to hold my blind spot mirror in place worked great. After going over bumpy roads, the mirror held in place. Thank you for sending an extra mirror along with the tape. As a retired executive from GM, I applaud your action to ensure customer satisfaction. Keep up the great job. Incidentally, I just ordered some more Sandyeggo items and my friends to whom I showed the mirror also ordered mirrors.

  17. KeithW (verified owner)

    Totally AWESOME – have used for 6+ months – installed the first week of ownership.
    Now i dont even realize they are there – except no blindspots!
    VERY easy to install, high quality and not a single issue..
    pure joy. 🙂

  18. Bayshore Vette

    This mirror provides much better view than expected. Great modification and no one will ever know. It looks completely stock and fits perfectly.

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