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Insta-Power Premium Throttle System for C7 Corvette

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  • Increased power at part throttle for a more nimble & spirited driving experience!
  • Smooths low-end power curve for more predictable response
  • Precision designed to eliminate low-end ‘flat spot’
  • Provides immediate response while keeping idling function undisturbed (No hesitation or stumble)
  • Made in USA from new OEM Parts
  • Easy installation
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Many of today’s high performance cars and trucks have 400, 500, or more horsepower. Push the throttle and *BOOM*, all that power is available!
Or is it?

A number of performance car makers have programmed some ‘lag’ into the initial throttle opening. Presumably this was done to make that high-power car more ‘drive-able’ by limiting the amount of power available at throttle tip in. But that makes the car feel sluggish, unresponsive. Edge the throttle down and the car remains docile until the throttle is at least 25-30% engaged. THEN the car ‘comes alive’ and responds with gusto.

But what if we want a more linear response to the throttle? What if we want the car’s true power potential available to us immediately? Well, Soler Performance LLC took on the challenge to make that happen! Now, after nearly 5 years of painstaking engineering and R&D, they have developed a solution.

Introducing the Soler Performance
Insta-Power Premium Throttle System for C7 Corvette

The Insta-Power Premium Throttle System began life as a standard ACDelco(TM) throttle body used in the C7 Corvette. After extensive flow testing and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations, Soler engineers were able to identify those characteristics of the design that contribute to sluggish behavior. With that data, they developed a set of modifications to overcome those issues:

  • Higher power-to-weight ratio at part throttle for a more nimble/spirited driving experience
  • More linear and smooth air flow curve for a more predictable response
  • Immediate response right off idling while keeping idling function undisturbed
  • Eliminate the need for using aftermarket throttle controllers and/or ECU tuning
  • Easy 15 minute installation using common hand tools!

You will Feel The Difference!

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Additional information

C7 Engine Model

LT1 w/ Manual Transmission, LT1 w/ Auto Transmission, LT4 w/ Manual Transmission, LT4 w/ Auto Transmission


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