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C7 Corvette Bin Buddy

60 reviews

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60 reviews for C7 Corvette Bin Buddy

  1. 12Care (store manager)

    This thing is great. Fits like a glove and is very useful. High quality too. I love it.

  2. Verified Customer (store manager)

    Item as advertised, great quality, speedy shipping, superb value for price, awesome vendor, exceptional shopping experience.

  3. MP (store manager)

    Perfect Fit! Exactly what I was looking for

  4. El Abuelo (store manager)

    I have a 2016 Z06 C7R. This little accessory is a perfect fit for the hidden dash storage area. At first it didn’t seem to fit but you have to give it a little extra push and it drops right into place. The shelf has a nice finish and looks like it came from the factory, In fact Chevrolet should have thought of this little item on their own. The little upturned lip of the shelf is a perfect, well designed detail. As I see it, it’s a must have item for all C7 owners.

  5. John (store manager)

    It keeps my iPhone in place while it charges and gives me additional storage space.

  6. Randy B (store manager)

    Fit perfectly. A must add accessory for any C7 owner.

  7. Maxie (store manager)

    Truly is a must have item. The bin buddy effectively doubles the useable space in the compartment behind the screen.
    Well made product, very functional and truly helps to organize the space as well as increase the useable area. And the best part it makes it easier to retrieve any item you store in the compartment.
    Very happy with this product, highly recommend it to any C7 owner.

  8. Charles V Knuth (store manager)

    Great product, perfect fit. Really increases the usability of the cubby hole.

  9. James M. Chapman (store manager)

    Perfect fix and equally divides the available storage space. Looks and feels like it’s part of the original equipment installed by the factory. Very strong and sturdy.

  10. Leonardo (store manager)

    Really makes much better use of storage area

  11. M. O’Brien (store manager)

    fast shipping quality product

  12. M Cooke (store manager)

    Fits like a glove. Just what I was looking for !

  13. Kelly (store manager)

    Nice! Worth the money!

  14. Monica (store manager)

    fits great, nicely divides “secret” space behind screen

  15. hw (store manager)

    Handy for separating small items.

  16. P. Price (store manager)

    Wow! This is great! Fits perfectly, though you must be sure to push it all the way back. The soft stick-on material for the top of the shelf is a bit tricky to get positioned and it’s a devil to reposition, but this is a great item!

  17. Heath O’barr (store manager)

    Fits very well in the small space behind the radio, fits in there nice and tight. Doesn’t get in the way of the USB port.

  18. Napoleon Solo (store manager)

    Fits perfectly and virtually doubles the storage space. Now I can open the compartment without items falling out. Great idea.

  19. Frank C. N. (store manager)

    Perfect fit and looks. I like the extra shelf.

  20. Oh boy (store manager)

    Nice accessory but if you have bigger hands it’s hard to get anything from the top shelf

  21. Capt. Joe (store manager)

    Works well

  22. Dr. Jim (store manager)

    You need this!

  23. gh (store manager)

    Good product. Really helps use the space in the C7 dash cubby more efficiently. Tight fit, but once it’s in its solid.

  24. Jim Mic**** (store manager)

    Fit perfectly! nice construction!

  25. JOSE P. (store manager)

    It is a must have. It allows the ability to store your cell phone 6plus(large) and your sunglasses without them sliding around

  26. charles E. Swindells (store manager)

    Fits like a glove. You can hardly tell by looking that this wasn’t factory original.

  27. Chris Hughes (store manager)

    The quality and fitment was spot on. Very snug, almost like it snaps into place (it took a little force). he shape of the cubby is definitely irregular which I did not realize. Looking at the finished product and the small details that went into it, the price I paid doesn’t seem too horrible all things considered I suppose. I would say it should also include felt for inside the vertical walls though; I might remove it to add that myself. If nothing else, it would prevent noise or wear marks from sunglasses sliding around the lower section.

  28. Home Owner (store manager)

    Be very careful to push this all the back Before you close the screen door to prevent jamming. It’s a very tight fit to get it all the way in. The pre cut felt for the top is very nice. It’s well made and finished.

  29. D. Malwick (store manager)

    Love it

  30. Thomas Seth Belcher (store manager)

    Do not hesitate to purchase. Doubles usable space of the compartment making it an actual useable feature of your c7. Quality and fit is OEM quality and I am sure GM regrets this simple yet wonderful product was not their idea.

  31. TSmith (store manager)

    This shelf is very sturdy aluminum with a nice finish. Included with the unit is a fitted fabric that can be adhered with a simple peel and stick. I put on the fabric and installed it in about 2 minutes. The shelf is perfectly fitted to the space so no mounting, drilling or other work is needed. Just push it into the compartment and it fits like it came from the factory.
    The top shelf even has a lip to keep items from sliding out toward the driver during acceleration.

  32. Verified Customer (store manager)

    Works as described but a little pricey.

  33. Carol D (store manager)

    I love this. It fits like a glove. It’s a must have item, it you like to be very organized. I would definitely buy this again. Five Stars from from me.

  34. D. Karjanis (store manager)

    anyone who owns a z06 needs on of these! the pocket behind the radio should have been designed like this from the factory but they fixed it here so buy it and move on lol u will love it!

  35. Sandra Scutchall (store manager)

    Very convenient

  36. Marius A (store manager)

    Great product, Perfect fit (that means its fits to 10ths of an inch. great engineering) for my 2016 Vette. Much improved use of that little hidden compartment.

  37. Verified Customer (store manager)

    Good product, no hidden fees at checkout

  38. Fred C (verified owner)

    I got the storage shelf and belt stays today. It took about 30 seconds to install everything. Good products. Thanks to Chuck at Corvettes 918 for the heads up.

  39. Glenn Schaffer (store manager)

    I thought I would let you know about the items that I bought from you. The shelf for the opening behind the radio, is absolutely perfect. Fit, finish, everything!

  40. dexter (store manager)

    Awesome touch. Does exactly what it describes, adding a shelf in the hidden compartment.
    I wish I had come up with it…

  41. Dpath (store manager)

    Overpriced but nicely fits and organizes the space so your stuff is not all cluttered.

  42. IvanLug
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  43. Mathew L. (store manager)

    Great product

  44. honest review (store manager)

    Excellent part, gave me two shelves, one for my sunglasses and one for other stuff.

  45. Scott Kolve (store manager)


  46. robert bristoll (store manager)

    Fit nice

  47. Ronald H. (store manager)

    Great fit. Needs a hole directly under the light so when top shelf is empty, you can see bottom shelf.

  48. Jim Schmidt (store manager)

    I originally thought this was just another overpriced doodad to sell to those “wealthy Corvette owners”, but after a couple of months of fishing for items in the “storage space” behind the infotainment screen, I decided to take another look.
    I considered making one in my workshop, but measuring the storage space floor plan made it apparent that it is NOT rectangular, but an irregular quadrangle with no right angles, meaning much more time in layout and construction. Based on the time and effort required to DIY and the positive reviews, I decided to suck it up and buy one.
    On receipt, the unit is well designed and professionally made and finished with a black wrinkle finish paint, and includes a self adhesive black felt-like material pad for the shelf.
    The irregular shape likely makes manufacturing a bit more costly, and the limited market of C7 Corvette owners means a higher price… (aka the “Corvette tax”)
    Well designed, manufactured and finished
    The lip on the edge minimizes things falling off the shelf.
    Includes soft self adhesive pad to apply to the shelf
    Fits well without fasteners or screws (It fits close to the moving screen to keep things in place. Use care to ensure it is clear of the screen before closing the compartment)
    A bit spendy. IMO a more reasonable price would be in the $25 range, but “it is what it is”, and is not outrageously overpriced.

  49. Allan Brown (store manager)

    Works great fit great quality product .

  50. shelf (store manager)

    if you own a corvette you need this inexpensive toy. it fits great and saves time and space. so glad i bought this

  51. MaCKinJ (store manager)

    Unboxed and installed. Simple as that! Fits perfectly.

  52. Customer (store manager)


  53. blosst (store manager)

    Fits perfectly and looks great.

  54. tsc (store manager)

    A++, would do again!

  55. Benjamin (store manager)

    I am beyond impressed with this shelf. It has a perfect fit, extra sturdy, and adds some much needed practicality to the hidden storage.

  56. Skyking (store manager)

    This compartment shelf is a very well designed and built unit. I usually design and fabricate things myself, but I couldn’t come close to the quality of this shelf. It includes a perfectly fitting felt stick on piece for the top of the shelf. only thing I might ask for, would be felt pieces for the lower sides. Might prevent articles making banging noises when attempting those 1.2 G turns.

  57. Bayshore Vette

    Just do it. You will love the quality and the extra space provided. And so will the next owner! LOL

  58. scott.taylor

    This is a must have item. Makes the compartment so much more useful. Super quick no brain install. And it stays secure not wobbly at all like my buddies Amazon knock off.

  59. Blanton Webb

    I bought one a few years ago and love it. Doubles your storage space. Last week I bought the Jake display cover. Wonderful idea. I had a question on another product. The magnetic radar detector holder. I called the number and Dave answered. The owner and designer I think. You can’t ask for better products and definitely don’t expect the owner to answer your questions. I’ll be a customer for life.

    • Dave (store manager)

      Thanks for the kind words, Blanton!

  60. MSgt-R (verified owner)

    Dave, you’re fantastic!

    My Bin Buddy needed some minor “tweeking” because the carpet didn’t allow it to seat, but now it’s absolutely great!! Now I can keep my little stuff out of the center console, and there’s still room for my tiny little Taurus. Thank you!

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