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Corvette Owners Have Spoken About The Door Dog!

Corvette Owners Have Spoken About the Door Dog!

In a recent survey, several hundred Corvette owners gave their opinion of the Corvette Door Dog from Sandyeggo Designs. The results are in and a whopping 90% of those who purchased the Door Dog rated it a 9+ on the overall rating scale of 1-10, giving it a score of “A.” We are thrilled that Corvette owners have rated the Door Dog so high!

Other interesting results from the survey include:

  • 92% of those folks said they would recommend the Door Dog to others who have a Corvette. That’s huge! Even the most successful companies in America don’t have a 92% approval rating, so we at Sandyeggo Designs thank you for that.

  • When we asked what they liked about the Door Dog, most owners said it was the convenience of opening the door, followed by the convenience of closing it. A few people simply wanted to customize their Corvette. Here’s some of the comments we got:

“beautiful design and does the job well”

“it works as designed and makes opening and closing the door a breeze!”

“like the ease of use, especially for the passenger”

“opening the door without nail or ring scratches”

“don’t have to touch the car to open door”

“No more fingerprints on my door.”

“It’s just a nice design and idea.”

“Ease of use and installation, looks and overall everything about them.”

“My wife now keeps her hands off the paint to shut the door!”

“Not having to explain to passengers how to open and no fingerprints when closing.”

“I love the product”

“It’s a clever design.”

  • 95% of those surveyed gave the Door Dog installation a 4-5-star rating, confirming how easy it is to install. We love that, because being easy to install and use is something we wanted right from the beginning. People love how easy it is to install it and the survey ratings shows that.

  • 92% are using the standard black handle, proving once again that it’s a seamless look that people can appreciate. However, many didn’t know that we also offer other colors as well so we are going to try to raise that level of awareness. 5% of respondents painted their handles themselves.

  • 97% purchased their Corvette Door Dog directly from the Sandyeggo Designs website. They came straight to the source, finding it easy and cutting out the middleman. That’s smart, because nobody will give you better customer service with the Door Dog than we will right here at Sandyeggo Designs.

Overwhelmingly, the recurring response was that the Corvette owners like it and would recommend it.

If you love your C6/C7 Corvette staying clean, shiny, and scratch free then a Corvette Door Dog is something you don’t want to do without!

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