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Corvette Accessories That Make Life Easier

Corvette Accessories That Make Life Easier

Those who own Corvettes know what a pleasure it is to ride in the car. You can’t drive down the road without people taking notice, and for good reason. They are beautiful vehicles with a long iconic history. While it seems as though the sports car is perfect as is, there are a few Corvette accessories that will make it even better.

Often times, people feel a particular area is falling short or that it’s missing something in particular, but they are not sure what it is. But when you find the right Corvette accessories, it all seems to fall into place and what was good becomes even better. Here are a few unique Corvette accessories that will help make life a whole lot easier:

  • C7 Corvette Seat Belt Stay. Most people find it aggravating for the seat belt to keep slipping through the guide opening. There’s a solution for that! The C7 Corvette Seat Belt Stay was designed to prevent that from happening, and it also makes the seat belt more stable. The C7 Corvette Seat Belt Stay easily slips over the guide, clicks into place, and prevents the seat belt from coming out of the guide opening.
  • C7 Corvette Bin Buddy. Ever notice how your dash storage area is unorganized and that you don’t seem to have enough room? The C7 Corvette Bin Buddy takes care of that, by doubling your storage floor space and helping you to have some organization. Not only will the area look neater, but you will be able to find what you are looking for, too. No more need to pile everything up and have a difficult time sifting through to find things.
  • C7 Corvette Door Dog. Want an easier way to open the door for the C7 Corvette? No problem! The C7 Corvette Door Dog has been designed to do exactly that. It makes opening the door easier and does it without making any modifications to the car. Just attach it using existing screws and the durable steel construction Door Dog gives you a hand in quickly getting your door open.

Corvette accessories abound, but not all of them solve a specific problem. Being able to stop the seat belt from slipping out, organizing your dash storage space, and getting your door open with ease should top the list. These are Corvette accessories that make life easier, and everyone can use a little bit of that!

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