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$20 for a 50 cent piece of plastic?!! C’mon man!

I hear this comment, or one’s like it, from time to time and I want to provide my general response here.

In today’s world, where global product sourcing is common and commodity prices are as low as possible, it is a common belief that every small simple item can be procured cheaply and sold at rock bottom prices. We’ve gotten used (spoiled?) to low prices for consumer goods sold in the department stores and on high-volume websites. And most things being sold are available at many stores or at many online sources. That, of course, results in super high volume sales.

Well, Sandyeggo Designs is not Walmart. We design and offer custom products that target a very narrow niche. We’ve chosen this market because we love Corvettes and we love to design accessories for Corvettes. But that means we produce and sell in very low volume. And with costs to develop and produce products so high, we have to price our items with those low volumes in mind.

The one thing we DO have control of is how well we can innovate and design useful and attractive products for your Corvette! That’s what we’re good at!

So, we’re going to continue to offer you our products at the lowest prices we can afford. Your role in this is to enjoy our unique products and spare us the comparison to prices at Walmart. K?




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